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Step-by-Step Customer Segmentation for Personalized Marketing

January, 2013, By Pini Yakuel, CEO of Optimove

In the old days, companies sent the same marketing campaigns to all of their customers. Later, marketers began to understand that even simple grouping of their customers allowed them to run more relevant, effective and profitable campaigns. More recently, sophisticated marketers and retention experts – particularly in Internet companies – have discovered that applying the latest technologies to this challenge delivers far more targeted (and profitable) campaigns.


Subscriber LTV & Acquisition Speech to E-mail Insider Summit May 3, 2011    
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How emails increase persistence

May 23, 2012, By Arthur Hughes

I worked with a large membership organization (numbers changed to preserve confidentiality) where I learned about an aspect of email marketing that I had not encountered before. This company has about one million members who pay an annual membership fee of about $500 per year. The members receive direct mail once a month, offering them many different products. In addition about one third of them also are signed up for emails – receiving about three emails per month..... READ FULL ARTICLE


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