About us



The Database Marketing Institute was founded in 1993 by Helena and Arthur Hughes. From 1993 to 2000 the Institute gave twenty-eight two day seminars in Database Marketing in Toronto, Washington DC, San Francisco, Taiwan, and Caracas. From 1993 to the present time, the Institute has provided  Database Marketing training programs in Sidney, Australia, Auckland New Zealand, Tokyo Japan, Sao Paulo Brazil, Lisbon Portugal,  as well as 24 cities in the US and Canada. The Institute website www.dbmarketing.com is known worldwide for its articles, and software on lifetime value and RFM. An institute product RFM for Windows has sold hundreds of copies worldwide.


Several leading database marketers are associated with the Institute. Besides Arthur Middleton Hughes, there is Paul Wang, Alan Weber, Jerry Bernhart and David Raab.


For those who seek more information about the Institute, you can e-mail Arthur.hughes@dbmarketing.com  or call (954) 767 4558.